Lene Taylor (lenetaylor) wrote in more_shatner,
Lene Taylor

Request for re-upload (if that's OK)

Hello friends,

Kitty and I are making a valiant effort to work our way through 1970-era Shatner television stuff (to be reviewed on the show, of course). So much of that goodness was uploaded by the amazing tintorera and zainin666 - but alas, some of it seems to be gone for good, as it was hosted at the sadly departed Megaupload. Is it possible to request reups? Or maybe you've done it already - in which case, can you provide links?

Right now I'm on the trail of the Marcus Welby ep, "Heartbeat for Yesterday". Any help is much appreciated!

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, Kitty got a big hug from Bill at the Chicago comic convention:

It was awesome.

Thank you! Continue to Look At His Butt!



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