December 7th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

William Shatner’s letter from the editor

William Shatner’s letter from the editor

Published On Fri Oct 21 2011
William Shatner gets down to work. William Shatner gets down to work.

William Shatner gets down to work.

At this point, in my life up till now — not coincidentally, the title of my 2008 autobiography — there are not a lot of things I haven’t tried. Editing a newspaper would be one of them.

So what’s left? I was asked that question recently when I was in Ottawa to receive a lifetime achievement award.

I said, “Well, I haven’t tried immortality. I think I’d like to try immortality.”

People are also constantly asking me why I continue to work so hard. My wife asks me the same question. And I think the simple answer is that it’s there, that I’m given the opportunity to do it.

What’s the alternative? “No, I’d rather go fishing.” I wouldn’t rather go fishing. I mean, I like fishing — I used to fish with my father and with my brother-in-law, up in the Laurentian mountains. I’ve always been fond of the image of my father, holding a large bass in his hands, with his feet on two logs, spread about 3 feet apart. And he’s saying, “I caught it! I caught it!” And then he’d fall into the water and the fish would swim away.

Now that’s joy for life.

I have a new book, Shatner Rules. It is also basically autobiographical, although I strived to make it a little more important. The book suggests that saying yes to life and opportunity is what keeps you young and vital.

As we get older, we tend to regress: “I’ll stay home, let’s order in” . . . I’m saying that’s the road to oblivion. You have to say yes to opportunity, even though the opportunity may seem crazy because some of the more obscure yeses result in the most satisfying and worthwhile results.

Like editing a newspaper. I’ve also got a monumental new record album and a cross-Canada tour of my new one-man show, all happening in a two-week period. It’s exciting and intimidating. And that’s everything.

I can always go fishing.

William Shatner