October 7th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

Shatner Rules: Articles & Previews

William Shatner delivers new album, book and … dead rats?

William Shatner's 'Armageddon' warning to prez candidates

William Shatner reads from 'Shatner Rules' -- EXCLUSIVE

Such a fun review of "Shatner Rules" it still blows my mind away everytime he talks about slash XD

The philosophical bullet points are indeed solid ones – like “Always Say Yes to Opportunities” and “Stay Busy” – but it’s Shatner’s larger than-life personality and his witty take on everything from Facebook to gay fan fiction that make this book such an amusing read. Here are a few examples:

On modern day celebrity: “Weren’t Kardashians something I used to fight?”

On turning 80: “Just smile. You’re lucky you made it.”

On crew members of the U.S.S. Enterprise being the focus of gay fan fiction: “For years now, Kirk and Spock have heated up the pages of the fan fiction subgenre known as slash fiction, which deals primarily in gay relationships. Neither of us is homosexual, but if I were to dabble, I would surely avoid any encounter with a creature famed for its Vulcan death grip.”

On having a kidney stone removed: “We were going to go… where no man… should go… at all. The probe went up my urethra like Marlow trekking up the Congo to retrieve Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.”

On being a Luddite: “I know how to turn on a computer, but the turning off part leaves me flummoxed. and I cannot leave something on when I leave a room. My father was always running around, turning off lights, and so do I. But turning off a computer is more than a money-saving act; it is a rebellion against society. You are turning your back on a conduit to modern communication; you are ignoring the drumbeat of today’s society! You don’t just unplug; you disconnect. Turning off a computer is turning on rebellion!”