September 18th, 2011


Shadow Game promo book (1969) and Captains screencaps (2011)

I have no idea where to find a copy of this play, but at least here's a little promo book I bought on ebay:

Curtain Time on the CBS Television Network
On Wednesday, May 7, 1969 9:30 - 11:00 pm EDT
CBS Television Network
Presents on 

CBS Playhouse  
A New Play by Loring Mandel 
Shadow Game 

Plot Summary:

The power failure that blacked out the Northeast in 1965 provides a key dramatic element in this play, set in the 50th-floor offices of Cohalen and Associates. The business day is ending when the power failure occurs, stopping elevators and office machines, and trapping some of the workers in semidarkness. Candles are found, liquor and ice are gathered from the executive suites, and a quiet party begins. As the evening progresses and inhibitions are swept away, the stranded workers begin to reveal themselves in unexpected ways. The drama focuses on--Saul Novick, embittered because his clients are being stolen by Peter Hoyt, an aggressive colleague who claims that the firm's owner approves of interoffice piracy. Art Richardson, a cautious junior partner enjoying a brief liaison with one of the secretaries. Jerry Arnot, slipping in stature and making pathetic efforts to regain lost ground. And Novick's girl friend Jess, unsure of herself and their relationship.

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