September 6th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

Interview: O Captain! My Captain! + Pre-Order Updates

O Captain! My Captain!

by Jordan Rane

Image about William Shatner
© Photography by Adam Olszewski/Corbis Outline

Octogenarian William Shatner has managed to remain relevant in a fickle industry for six decades. Just don’t ask him how.

Achieving venerable status in ageist Hollywood is no small feat. But when William Shatner — the iconic actor behind Captain Kirk, Denny Crane and T.J. Hooker — turned 80 last spring, he was flush with more gigs than a roomful of celebrity poker players: two Bio Channel shows (Shatner’s Raw Nerve and Aftermath), a Discovery channel vehicle (Weird or What?), a national ad campaign for and a series of one-man stage appearances in Australia. Oh, and he’s got a new book and a music album due out later this fall.

After more than a half-century of filmed, televised, recorded, stage-produced and published entertainment, Shatner appears to be just hitting his stride.

American Way: The ink is barely dry on your first autobiography, 2008’s Up Till Now, but you have another book in the works. Can you give us a sneak preview?
William Shatner: The title of the new one is called Shatner Rules, and it’ll be out in the fall — along with this record I’m working on called Seeking Major Tom.
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