August 28th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

William Shatner: A Star's Trek to Fame + CBC Digital Archive Interviews

William Shatner: A star's trek to fame
When William Shatner was young, he's said all he wanted was to be an announcer on the CBC. He got his start as an actor on CBC radio. But in the decades since he first appeared on CBC, Shatner has gone far beyond his home country -- and his home planet -- in the sci-fi favourite Star Trek on TV and in film.

Shatner was born and raised in Montreal. He graduated from McGill University in 1952 and joined the National Repertory Theatre in Ottawa and began to perform at the Stratford Festival in 1954. In the same year, he was cast as Ranger Bob on the Canadian Howdy Doody Show. He appeared in several other CBC television productions early in his career, including Space Command, CBC's first dramatic series, and The Black Eye (1954), where he is pictured above. Some other productions Shatner appeared in on CBC-TV's General Motors Presents are: The Big Leap (1954), The Coming Out of Ellie Swan (1955), The Big Dig (1955), Billy Budd (1955) and The Well (1960).

Listen to a 1965 CBC interview with Shatner

Shatner first appeared on Broadway in New York City in 1956 and made his movie debut in 1957. By 1962, he'd begun his long string of television and film roles in the United States before he accepted the role of Capt. James T. Kirk in 1966. The role has since made Shatner a pop culture icon.

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