April 5th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

Audio Interview + Sydney Star Trek Con Report & Photos

TV and film legend William Shatner (Audio Interview)
In an age where we're swamped by the cult of celebrity William Shatner is a genuine superstar.

From Captain James T. Kirk in 'Star Trek' to Denny Crane in 'Boston Legal' he's played some incredibly memorable characters.

He's in Australia as part of his new show 'Kirk, Crane and Beyond - William Shatner Live'.

Kelly managed to secure a few minutes with the great man as he took a break from rehearsing:

William shatner in melbourne with Scott Bakula 3/4/11
Talked about what his most recent projects are such as Gonzo ballet and how his new projects are what he focus on now rather than past projects so much. He spoke of his love for his wife, how she keeps him going and the best thing he has found is the happiness of solidarity, continuity and love with his wife means so much to him. William shatner also loves his Aston martin and joked about going down to the garage just to stroke and touch his Aston. He said he had the best time ever with Raw nerve, Weird or what, and Aftermath. During his q&a a young teenage girl got up to leave. He shouted, “ Hey where are you going you can’t leave”. She said in a shy voice “Going to the toilet” Upon her returning he asked”1’s or 2’s “, this promptly had the room in laughter, the poor girl hid in her chair, but im sure she would see the funny side of it. To which he ended saying im sorry didn’t intend to embarrass you but it was a perfect opportunity for a joke. He ended the Q&A with his wife by his side and thanked the audience saying how much he loved them and would like to hopefully come to Melbourne again.

Command And Conquer!
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