March 29th, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

William Shatner to Be Named 'Honorary Headbanger' at Revolver Awards

William Shatner to Be Named 'Honorary Headbanger' at Revolver Awards
Beam him up! William Shatner -- Captain Kirk, spokesperson, and actor extraordinaire -- will be receiving the Honorary Headbanger Award at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards, to be held in Los Angeles on April 20th. The Honorary Headbanger Award is bestowed on someone who has made their name outside of the metal world, yet still embodies the skull-cracking spirit of the genre.

Wait, Shatner? Really?

Yes, really. Later this year, the actor is also releasing 'Seeking Major Tom,' a hard rock album featuring Zakk Wylde, Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice, and Alice In Chains' Mike Inez, among others. Shatner has already recorded a cover of Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' with Wylde and Inez.

In a press release, Shatner made the following statement about his award, complete with his signature sense of humor: "Short of receiving an Emmy for my superb voice, the Honorary Headbanger Award is the next best thing. Praise be you won't hear me sing."

William Shatner a metalhead? It must be getting a little cold down where Satan hangs out!

William Shatner to meet Star Trek fans in Sydney
Legendary Canadian actor William Shatner, best known for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk on the popular TV and film series Star Trek, and more recently the TV series $#*! My Dad Says, is coming to Australia in April to meet and greet Star Trek fans.

Shatner will be joined by fellow Star Trek legend Scott Bakula (Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer). Bakula, famed for his portrayal of Dr Sam Beckett in the iconic 80s show, Quantum Leap, and currently starring in US hit Men Of A Certain Age, is making a very rare event appearance.

There will only be one place that die-hard Aussie Trekkies can meet and greet the Captains Kirk and Archer – The Hub Production’s Command and Conquer event.

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