February 23rd, 2011

Seishiro Sakurazukamori

William Shatner accepts a lifetime acheivement award at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival

I have been rendered speechless. Beautiful, simply beautiful and a very touching moment in his career, unworthy he says but they feel otherwise. And a great speech from Stewart, what he says about Bill's eyes, just breaks my heart, seriously, there's no one like Bill with his twinkling eyes, so much life in them *chokes* and excitement and wonderment, this man is truly special. And this is one of the few occasions were we can see a serious Shatner but with a little bit of his ever wacky sense of humor. All in all, it was an amazing ceremony and I'm glad to see it captured on film, my only complain is that it lacks the tribute video. Damn your eyes... indeed! *sighs and wipes a single tear a way*

Download Link  Photos:  ceremonial blanket - presented by Patrick Stewart - personal space

PS: The video is on Veoh so I downloaded it and now I'm sharing it with those who can't access it, I will also be sharing other vids from veoh soon.