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William Shatner Crossed Legs

I'm always reluctant making these kind of posts due to how silly they are and might not interest you guys, but again I felt the need to make this post as I did with the ripped-shirts and shirtless pics, though I'm sure that post was more appreciated ;) anyways, it turned out that I find Shatner crossing his legs to be extremely sexy, again never before found that simple normal act done by many sexy until I saw Bill, and he's the only one I love watching crossing his beautiful chicken legs <3 so upon watching Star Trek a second time I made sure to capture them, so here are my screencaps since I kinda promised Grazie to share them and thus an excuse for making this post :D

PS: I also took screencaps of his back, butt, touching his hips, fists on hips, posing, smiling, grinning, smirking, angsting, profile shots (both his body and face), eyelashes, fingers on lips, licking his lips, twin dimples, the flash of the white of his eyes, bloody, dirty, sweaty face, sitting on a table, pointing, spreading his legs, folding his arms, Kirk-Light, walking... though that won't really work as a jpeg, so yeah, my second viewing of the series was very distracting *sighs* anyways, let me know if anyone of you interested in those caps and will gladly share them :)
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