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Koko the Gorilla

I was going to post these rare pictures under a bonus but I decided against it, because if the mountain gets to have it's own post so will Koko! and Shatner/Koko is as cannon as Shatner/Mountain! so here are all the videos concerning Shatner & Koko ^_^

Even Koko has her own video music! oh and check out this awesome FLASH

"That hand across the border that Koko extended taught me in that one moment that we are linked inexorably with everything else in nature and that for us to be destroying species after species is criminal."
--William Shatner (aka Captain James T. Kirk), 1988 

"When Billy Met Kokoy" for a similar love story watch "Gorn with the Wind"

Hello, I'm William Shatner

Let me tweak your nipples

Oh? you want me to reenact the towel scene? K/S fans are everywhere!

*grabs her hand* Look into my eyes Koko

*looks into her deep brown eyes* I love you Koko

I love you too, Billy *kiss*

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break your heart, but I have to go now

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