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Zoomer: Shatner Rules (2011) + Rare Photos


Some photos I bought recently, and as always feel free to share them around :)

I was really happy that I won the bid on this photo! it's so rare finding photos of Bill & Dee together and out of uniform nevertheless! but it's the cuteness of this one in particular that just puts a big goofy grin on my face ^___^

*staaaaaaaare* I still can't believe how beautiful he looks in here *sighs* sometimes I think I love his profile more than his whole face XD just look at his long eyelashes! *sighs* oh, Bill you sure put that lady to shame with her fake ones!

Have I mentioned how much I love his face in here?

Another Archery!Shatner shot! :D there gotta be some video footage out there...

I had my eyes on this one for a long time, so yesterday I finally bought it from Image-Collect, I have also ordered some photos from "American Sportsman" now if I could only find the show!

The rest of the photos were scanned from "The Encyclopedia Shatnerica"

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